Online Good Hoopers Awards

Here at Canine Hoopers UK we know that a lot of people want to have fun with their dogs whilst in lockdown due to the Coronavirus.

Canine Hoopers UK is proud to offer our Online awards scheme, with fun, achievable goals at 5 different levels, for you to work towards at home with minimal equipment!

The five different levels are Foundation, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. To find out more about each one and what is involved simply click on the level below to download the descriptions! Young dogs from 16 weeks old are able to participate with the Foundation level being based on building a solid foundation for their future hoopers activity. This level is suitable for ALL dogs. All of the levels must be completed in order, starting with foundation.

Booking on the course for each level is available via our Online Store.  If you already have an Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor remember to enter their name when asked to do so.  (Use our Find an Instructor map to locate your nearest one).

If you do not have an Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor you can still sign up!  We will assign you to a training group.

Overseas entries are also welcome!

Each level consists of a series of online training videos – delivered in a private Facebook group.  Your instructor will answer any questions you may have ready for taking your assessment.

To take part you will need to be able to video your training activity and test submission.

Because these courses are specifically designed for you to do at home we understand you may not have the normal Canine Hoopers UK specification equipment available, so we have a list of substitutes you can use instead. Be inventive – but stay safe – with items you have that you can use for your training activity.

Upon successful completion of each assessment you will be awarded a lovely, fun certificate to mark your achievement (these are quality printed certificates, not digital files).  And, if you want to mark your achievement by displaying a beautiful rosette, you can order yours here.

Contact your local Accredited Canine Hoopers Instructor, or visit our Canine Hoopers UK Facebook page, now and join in the fun!

Current Canine Hoopers UK Rules and Regulations