There are Accredited Instructors teaching Hoopers all over the UK, we have a network of talented instructors in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All of our Accredited Instructors have trained with us personally and have demonstrated their passion for training, as well as their dedication to making yours and your dogs learning experience fun, safe and full of achievement.

All of our Accredited Instructors are committed to creating valuable learning opportunities for all dogs and handlers. Even if you feel that you, or your dog, aren’t the average sports dog pairing, or your dog needs a little extra understanding, please do get in touch with a local trainer who will be more than happy to work with you. Many instructors offer 1-2-1 as well as group training and all of our Accredited Instructors offer Good Hooper Award testing.

The Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructors program is the only hoopers instructors course in the UK which has been approved by the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. All instructors have passed a rigorous training and assessment process to attain their ACHUKI qualification (Orange Markers on the map below). Our Advanced (Level 2) Instructors have demonstrated their continuous commitment to the advancement of their students with advanced proficiency in course design, judging, and distance handling techniques in order to become Adv.ACHUKI. They are shown as Red Markers on the map. Tap a marker to display contact details.

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