Gold Online Good Hoopers Award

Gold Online Good Hoopers Award

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AIM: To have fun training your ‘Canine Hoopers’ dog at home, with minimal
equipment. These skills demonstrate that you have a good working
knowledge for you and your dog to create a fabulous Canine Hoopers
partnership. You will show you have a good understanding of why Canine
Hoopers is a low impact, fun sport for dogs of all ages. All your training must
be done with patience, kindness and in a fun way using modern force-free techniques. The handler
should understand that their dog MUST complete the practical exercises without body or verbal cues
other than marking the action. The dogs must not be physically moved towards the equipment but
should make the choice to complete the behaviour themselves unless the exercise indicates

Eligibility: Any dog or bitch aged 12 months and older.

Equipment Needed: 5 Hoop Shapes (referred to as Hoop), 4 Barrel/Barrel Shaped Object (referred to
as Barrel), Touch N Go Mat (referred to as TanGo mat). See the ‘online courses equipment’
document suggesting safe alternatives to the normal specification for Canine Hoopers UK

Criteria: Please carry out these practical exercises in surroundings with as little distraction as
possible. Your dog should show willing and want to be with you and interact with you.

When videoing your dog for this online assessment, it should be wearing suitable equipment for
Canine Hoopers. Flat collars, head collars, harnesses, lead are all perfectly acceptable. No dangling
items (such as ID tags), choke chains, slip leads, prong collars, electric shock collars, electronic collar
devices or any other aversive tool may be used.

In order to pass the Gold Online Good Hoopers Award, all sections of the assessment must be
completed to the satisfaction of the examiner. If some exercises are not completed or incorrect
answers are given to the written questions, your assessment will be rated as NT – nearly there and
you will be informed of what you need to work on. The written questions are based on the current
Canine Hoopers UK Rules & Regulations, a copy of which can be downloaded from the Online GHA
page on our website:

Rewards/treats/toys may not be used during the exercises (unless stated otherwise) but can be
given upon completion of each exercise.

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