Canine Hoopers UK is run by a group of Hooperists. There is a committee that oversee all of the operations within the sport. Each of the committee members has an equal vote and they make decisions regarding the Rules, Regulations and work hard to maintain the ethos and integrity of the organisation and the sport as a whole. Apart from the committee, we have others working hard behind the scenes, from our Events co-ordinator, Publication co-ordinator to our Area Reps.

CHUK Committee

Emma Hendy

Emma started hoopers with her lurcher Zoe back in 2018. Zoe has health problems but hoopers meant they could still go to competitions even after stopping agility. Zoe officially retired at the CHUK National Finals in 2020 with a magnificent zoom around. Zoe still comes out as a demo dog, but with zero pressure to do anything other than have fun. 

 Emma also has Bolt, AKA Big Dog, a working collie who loves to play at hoopers on his days off from working on the farm. He enjoys working at a distance but sometimes does like to make up his own course!

When Emma isn’t training, she is running the family farm. After a brief step back to have a baby, Emma is excited to be back judging and competing, even helping out by judging at the prestigious Tri Score Tournament in 2021. Baby Sam is going to be growing up surrounded by dogs and hoops – he even helped Emma judge at Tri Score. 

 Next year Emma is hoping to get back to the world of competing and wants to move Bolt up to Novice. Emma is also hoping to build up her nervous lurcher Parsnip’s confidence to be able to come and play in the ring. Emma is hoping that one day, Parsnip will be comfortable enough in the ring to do a couple of hoops.

Hayley Laches

Hayley is based in South Lincolnshire and runs Taming Canines, a dog training club based near Spalding. Hayley has been the driving force behind bringing Hoopers to the UK and has been successfully teaching and running Hoopers/NADAC style competitions since 2015.

Hayley also competes in agility using distance handling with a range of different breeds currently spanning grades 3 to 7 at the Kennel Club. When not training or competing in agility and hoopers, Hayley spends her time competing in Bikejor and doing other dog related activities such as K9SUP, heelwork to music freestyle, running the British Agility Association and working with dogs with behavioural issues.Hayley does a lot of 1-2-1 training specifically aimed at problem solving for handlers and their dogs. Hayley only teaches using positive methods that involve games and free shaping.

Hayley has applied her many years sports training experience along with her professional training qualifications to develop and deliver our Accredited Instructor Programme throughout the UK, her passion for developing trainers and sports dogs is evident.

Find out more about Hayley and the services she offers here:

Jan Smith

Jan Smith has been doing Hoopers since 2018. Prior to this she competed in agility, running at KC Championship level. Whilst waiting for herhip replacement she swapped from Agility to Hoopers. Learning distance handling was just what she needed and she has never looked back. Unfortunately Jan lost her Hoopers dog back in January 2021. In May Jan rehomed a Lurcher Collie Cross who is now 11 months old and they are embarking on their new Hoopers journey together.

Jan is a Level 2 Advanced Accredited Instructor and she teaches at Top Farm Hoopers and also for Felthorpe Hoopers.

Nikki Leeks

Nikki has been doing hoopers since 2021 with her border collie Seren who is competing at Novice level.

When not training, judging or competing in hoopers, Nikki teaches fitness classes and enjoys lots of walks with her dogs.

Nikki has a young small dog Gwyn who is now 9 months old and has started his hoopers training.

Nikki is a Level 2 Advanced Instructor and runs Stirling Hoopers which is based in Central Scotland.

People behind the scenes

Jacki Ciereszko

Events Co-Ordinator

Jacki is an instructor with Frome Dog Training Club in the Wiltshire/Somerset area.

She competes regularly with Lottie, Carol Scott’s dog, in Novice level. Having attended last years YKC Summer Camp, alongside Carol Scott & Heather Rose, as well as being part of the organising team for Discover Dogs in November, the committee thought she was the right fit to try this exciting role.

As our events co-ordinator, Jackiis there working closely with our other instructors helping them run events and helping with demonstrations at larger public events. Jacki is also the main driving force behind CHUK’s own National Finals event, Hose Hoopathon and The Tri Score Tournament.

Area Reps

All of our Area Reps work super hard behind the scenes helping out their local instructors and working with competitors and the general public making information easily accessible, supporting everyone and helping to bring CHUK events all around the UK.

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Adopting the ‘Superhero Pose’ at the 2021 Tri Score Tournament!