Would you like to host a Canine Hoopers UK Show? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Canine Hoopers UK are on hand to help you organise your licensed hoopers show, whether it’s your first event, or you’d like to include a hoopers ring alongside a bigger event, it’s straightforward and we’ve created a showpack to help you with the finer details too.

All you need to do first is to send us your LICENCE APPLICATION (PDF file)and the relevant fee. [Please download the PDF to your device before completing the form otherwise any information you enter will be wiped out].

Alternatively, you can fill in the online application form here. Please note that without submitting payment at the time of submitting the form, your form will not be received by the licensing office.

Show licences cost just £20 per show, this is a one off fee with no further charges based on the number of entries. The show licence fee is discounted by a massive 50% for Accredited Instructors who wish to hold shows throughout 2020. Please send proof of payment (a screenshot is fine) with your form to avoid processing delays.

Once we have reviewed your application and subject to everything being satisfactory, we will issue your Show Licence Certificate and send you our Canine Hoopers UK Show Organisers Info Pack. This is usually all done within 7 working days.

Your CHUK Show Organisers Info Pack is full to the brim of really useful tools and templates which has been put together by our experienced team of event organisers to help make the running of your show a breeze from start to finish. It includes things like Schedule template, Scribe sheet template, results sheet, risk assessments and fire assessment templates and loads more. We’ve done all the hardwork, all you have to do is fill in the blanks and enjoy your day!

Benefits of hosting a Licensed Canine Hoopers UK Show.

  • Free inclusion into our online show diary – the go to place for hoopers shows in the UK
  • Free Show Organisers Info Pack – taking all the hard work out of event organising for you
  • Use of Canine Hoopers UK branding – make your event recognisable
  • A captive audience of hundreds of Canine Hoopers UK members ready to compete and enter your show
  • Competitors earn Canine Hoopers UK progression points at your show
  • Automatic use of the Canine Hoopers UK rule book – no need to write lengthy rules and guidelines yourselves.
  • Free advertising through our social media channels – put your event in front of thousands of interested handlers
  • Showcase an incredible sport alongside your larger event, a sport which is accessible to everyone!

So what are you waiting for? Download your Licence Application Form (PDF File РRemember to download the PDF to your device before completing the form otherwise any information you enter will be wiped out)