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Canine Hoopers UK have launched their BRAND NEW and EXCLUSIVE ONLINE Good Hoopers Awards!

DO NOT purchase this course through this online shop to sign-up for a single dog!!!!! Use this online shop to purchase extra course places for multiple dogs ONLY!

If you are a returning student and you have already done one or more levels through facebook, you need to create a log-in for the website and you will need to email so that we can grant you access to the lower levels you have already done via facebook. You will then be able to purchase the higher levels and move up.

FIVE different levels available: Foundation, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum!

These exercises are different to the in-person Good Hoopers Awards that our instructors run in their training classes.

Exercises utilising everyday household items to give everyone a training challenge achievable at home.

Alternatively head to the Suppliers Page to find out where you can purchase quality hoopers equipment for your home/garden.

Our qualified instructors will coach you through the exercises online

Foundation level is suitable for pups from 16 weeks old! Everyone starts here!

You must have achieved the previous levels to be able to gain access to the higher levels training materials and assessment. Anyone signing up for a higher level without first completing the previous levels will not be eligible to join the training and will NOT be refunded

ATTENTION - once you have gone through to the payments area, be patient! Multiple clicks will mean you get charged multiple times. Each extra click that gets charged and has to be refunded will be charged an admin fee of £2.

Please be aware that this is an online training service. You have 14days to change your mind for a full refund. Once you access the training, you will lose your right to a refund.

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