CHUK Leagues 2021

What are they?

Special Leagues which you gain points for.  At the end of the year the winners of each league win a trophy and rosette.

How many can I chose?

You can choose 3 leagues per dog.

How much is it?

Totally free to all CHUK Members!

How does it work?

For every qualifying round or place you email us your results and we will add the points to the league tables.
Points are accumulated from the 1st January – 31st December each year.

Who do I send results to?

What do I do now?

Look through the list of 38 leagues and their eligibility descriptions then choose up to 3 for your dog.
Email us at with your name and membership number, your dog’s name and membership number, and the leagues you wish to collect points for.
Include your dog’s breed and date of birth.
Each time you get a place or a “Q” just email us with the results.