CHUK Suppliers

Looking for Hoopers equipment, clothing or dog health support? These are the suppliers we are happy to recommend, in some cases we have also negotiated generous discounts for our members (noted against the company name).

If you are a member of Canine Hoopers UK (click here to join) you can get your discount code, simply contact a committee member with your membership number saying which supplier discount code you want or send a private message via our Facebook page:

Winston & Porter (Use Discount code: CHUK10)
Supply award winning dog hip and joint support products and are proud to sponsor Canine Hoopers UK National Finals 2020.

Hoopers Equipment

Phase Purple:

Budget, Training and Competition standard Hoops in a variety of colours.
Sturdy Collapsible Barrels – don’t squash if a dog jumps on them!
Training Tunnels
Touch n Go Mats (TanGo mat)
Miniature Hoopers Equipment Sets

PAWS Canine Hoopers Timer System (Discount available)

A timer system specifically developed for Hoopers shows. Single or two gate, single or multiple dogs running, rechargeable batteries and reverse course switch

Naylor’s Tunnels (Discount available)

80cm Hoopers Tunnels in a variety of colours

Church Products (Discount available)

Adjustable, heavy duty Sandbags

Throw down court markers – for Challenge Lines, Bonus Boxes and Distance Handling Boxes

Chris Hardy (Facebook) Tel: 07967 025750

Touch N Go Mats (TanGo mats)

Hoopers Clothing

Crazy Dogs
Canine Hoopers UK Clothing

Handmade Occasions
Canine Hoopers UK Clothing

CHUK Achievement Notches

Celebrate your achievements with Canine Hoopers UK, add your win notches to your own Notch bracelet

Hoopers Training Accessories


Snap shut treat bags – personally recommended by Head CHUK Trainer Hayley Laches
PawsPockets – treat toys to enable you to reward food driven dogs at a distance easily – personally recommended by Head CHUK Trainer Hayley Laches. Download your FREE training PDF to get the most out of training with a PawsPocket
Treats, Toys, Bedding, Leads, Harnesses, Bowls, Vet bed and Dog Tags (that sit flat for competing!) and much more!

PupRepublic (Discount Available)

Large, multi-pocket, snap-shut treat bags with adjustable waist/shoulder strap (adjusts from 28″ TO 50″)- personally recommended by Advanced Accredited Instructor, Carol Bentley

Double-ended leads, waist leads
iodegradeable Poo Bags
Itchy Skin Treatment
Tummy Settler